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Kickboxer Phone Holder Project Design and Cut on Supawood by Laser Machine, Assemble by Wood Glue

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Laser Art is a program brought to you by Advanced Machinery. To ignite your creative side , AM has put together a laser artwork program that serves as a beginner's guide. It showcases step by step processes that go into the laser cutting and engraving of various projects.

We have laser cutter projects that can inspire you into making your own. There are plenty of opportunities to create for making amazing laser art products. But where to start?

We will show you how...

We have found a DIY project that we think you will really like. This tutorial shows you how to make a kickboxer phone holder designed and cut on Supawood using AM's TruCUT Laser Cutting and Engraving machine.

Your cellphone needs a place to sit apart from your pocket or in your handbag. You don't have to be worried about placing your cellphone on the floor or having it slip out of your pocket. Now that is what makes a cellphone phone stand stand out. It holds onto your gadget when you want to get busy with your hands.

Cellphone stands are created to sit on a surface that is hard and an example of this is a table/desk. This is beneficial because it keeps your phone clean and steady as you browse through it. These stands will literally have you organized.

Take a look at the step by step process that goes into creating a Supawood Kickboxing inspired cellphone holder using AM.CO.ZA's TruCUT laser cutting and engraving machine.

AM's TruCUT laser cutter and engraver delivers:
[ ] Profitable engraving.
[ ] Contactless and time saving processing.
[ ] Can engrave on a wide variety of substrates.
[ ] The laser beam does not wear.
[ ] No new tools required since this is a contactless process.
[ ] Consistent quality. The results for every job is perfect.
[ ] Costs and time are forever under control.

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