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Genuine Leather Belt Deep Engrave on LabelMark Fiber Laser Maker Creates Relief Effect in Seconds

Leather is an unusually well-liked material to laser mark/engrave and cut for various reasons. The most tender way of personalizing a product made from leather is by laser engraving/marking it. A fusion of a dynamic fiber laser marker machine and this multifaceted material has the possibility of opening doors to various money-making functions and opportunities.

If you looking for a strong and dominant machine that can be used to create quicker, cleaner, strong-contrast enduring marks? A device that is capable of marking leather and metal? No need to search elsewhere...Advanced Machinery has the perfect fiber laser marking machine for you.

This video gives you a demonstration of deep engravement on a belt made from genuine leather using AM's LabelMark fiber laser marker.

AM's LabelMark Fiber Laser Marking machine:

[ ] Looks amazing and is compact.
[ ] Easy to operate.
[ ] Less maintenance required.
[ ] Less working hours required. Does the job quicker making room for mass production.
[ ] Laser beam quality is out of the ordinary.
[ ] Produces accurate and high precision results.
[ ] Marking speed is quick.
[ ] Comes with dynamic marking software.

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