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Marking Letters on Steel Plates w. RAYCUT Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Easy Parts Identification

The technology of fiber lasers can now be found all-around the world. Fiber laser is commonly used in industrial surroundings to carry out cutting, marking and cleaning functions, just to name a few.

Fiber lasers make use of an optical fiber cable produced from quartz to direct light. The laser beam that results from this is more accurate than any other form of laser since it is narrower and straight.

Moreover, Fiber lasers also have one of the best electrical capabilities, less running costs and requires minimal maintenance.

A lot of companies are now investing in fiber lasers with greater reason. And we can all see why that is!

In this video you will learn how to mark letters on steel plates using the RAYCUT LabelMark fiber laser cutting machine from Advanced Machinery.

AM's LabelMark Fibre Laser Marking machine:
[ ] Requires less maintenance.
[ ] Quick marking speed.
[ ] Easy Operation.
[ ] Does not need to be maintained.
[ ] Does the job quickly. Long working hours not required.
[ ] Excels at mass production.
[ ] Good laser beam quality for high accuracy and fineness.
[ ] Comes with powerful marking software.

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