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Perspex Engraved on Laser with Acrylic Spray Paint for Colouring Step by Step Learning Video

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Laser Art is a program brought to you by Advanced Machinery. To ignite your creative side , AM has put together a laser artwork program that serves as a beginner's guide. It showcases step by step processes that go into the laser cutting and engraving of various projects.

Acrylic is an extremely prevalent material for laser cutting and engraving and there are a lot of reasons why this is so. This material is incredibly easy to process. It allows for engraving letters or pictures intricately without liquefying and flaming. The adaptability of this material makes way for an unlimited number of designs and dimensions.

Laser cutting and engraving perspex and transforming it into exquisitely decorated wedding vow boards or restuarant/bar menus has become exceedingly favoured at wedding ceremonies and entertainment areas and it is easy to see why. These perspex creations have been laser cut and etched, exuding a glassy exterior as they maintain the strength of the acrylic. The design created has a spotless, icy white contrast giving it a superior finish.

Observe the step by step process of engraving wedding vows onto a perspex board using AM.CO.ZA's TruCUT Laser Cutting and Cutting machine.

AM's TruCUT laser engraver and cutter delivers:

[ ] High-quality engraving.
[ ] No-contact refining and saves you a lot of time.
[ ] This machine has the ability to engrave on various materials.
[ ] No maintenance needed as the laser beam is contactless.
[ ] Delivers supreme quality at all times.

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