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1000W Fiber Laser Welder, AccuWeld Laser Welder on Fillet Welding, Butt Welding and Spot Welding

The AccuWeld hand-held laser welding machine from AM that uses laser specific positioning, can be easily applied for metal welding. The welding procedure by this machine is a very clean one as it leaves no remains or consumables behind.

With its various power, it has the ability to perform long-distance spot welding, fillet welding, butt welding, etc that is fitting for your metal items.

Advanced Machinery's AccuWeld laser welder is:
[ ] Easy to Use.
[ ] Extremely accurate.
[ ] 3 to 5 times faster than traditional welding.
[ ] Safe as there are no harmful flashes like that of traditional welding machines.
[ ] Can be used to weld: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Galvanized sheeting and other metals.
[ ] Comes with different welding nozzles used to perform different welding methods.
[ ] A FREE wire feeder.

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