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RustOff 1000W Continuous Wave Fiber Laser Cleaning System Tested with Rust and Paint Removing.mp4

Rust cannot be avoided on most metal items. To ensure that your product is and stays in a pristine condition so that you can carry on using it, it is imperative that you remove any rust build up. The fiber laser cleaning machine was invented for this very reason!

Fiber laser cleaning technology is a trustworthy, modern solution for cleaning items. It functions by pointing short vibrations of dynamic laser energy at the top of the item that is about to be cleaned. The energy put into application on the surface being cleared away does not evaporate. What it does is lift off the substrate being cleaned without doing anything to the top layer. The remains are then drawn and captured in a purifier, as dirt.The handheld fiber laser cleaning system has the ability to successfully and completely get rid of rust, stains, paint, ink, carbon and many other different layers.

Advanced Machinery takes the lead by having introduced the latest technologies such as the RustOFF pulse laser cleaning system . This piece of equipment makes use of a contactless, eco-friendly process to get rid of top layers from metals, cemented surfaces as well as fragile materials. This cleaning machine delivers greater control and accuracy when compared to other cleaning techniques.

In today’s video a number of metal pieces that have rust and paint on them were cleaned up using AM’s new RustOFF 1000W fiber laser cleaning system.

The New RustOFF 1000W Fiber Laser Cleaning System from Advanced Machinery:
• Is easy to operate.
• Is beneficial to use.
• Can clean various metal pieces.
• It does contactless processing. Therefore, there will be no tool wear.
• Cleans your items without damaging them.
• Its laser has good directionality. It correctly finds the fragment of the workpiece.

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